The iPad comes ready to go but not all the default settings fit the way everyone wants to work.
Here are some settings that you may consider worth changing - based on iOS 8.

Auto-Correction - Settings > General > Keyboard - if auto correct drives you crazy then just turn it off. While you are here there are a few other modifications that can be made to text inputting.

Find My iPad - Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad - locate your iPad on a map to see exactly where it is, you can also send messages and remotely wipe your data. Requires setting up an iCloud account as well. If you ever lose your iPad you’ll be happy to have it enabled.

Keyboard Clicks - Settings > Sounds - making clicking noises like physical keyboard is interesting at first but the novelty soon wears off, especially in a room of clicking iPads. When you tire of this feature go here to turn it off.

Lock Rotation - Settings > General - by default the Side Switch is set to mute the iPad. Since muting can be done by holding the volume control, a more useful function for the Side Switch is to lock the screen so it doesn't rotate. Selecting this option changes its function.

Passcode - Settings > Passcode - if you wish to secure your iPad from unauthorised users, enabling this feature will require users to input a predetermined code to use it. There are several options available on complexity of the password and there is an option to erase all data on your iPad after 10 failed passcode attempts - think carefully before enabling this if you have young children. If you forget your passcode all is not lost but your data will be as it requires wiping and restoring the iPad. This video shows how.

Replace Words - Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts - if you have common words or phrases that you use then setting a Shortcut will enable auto replacement of a shortcut to a larger word or phrase. Select the + symbol ay the top right of the screen to customise this feature to suit your needs.

Restrictions - Settings > General > Restrictions - if you have a need to restrict the functions that users have access to then enabling restrictions is a passcode protected solution. On school owned iPads you may consider blocking access to Games Center, the iTunes store and In App Purchases.

Speak Selection - Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech - enable Speech Selection and any text that you highlight (web pages, eBooks, notes, etc) can be read to you by the iPad. Double tap to select a word, drag the blue handles and a Speak option appears with the Copy and other options. When turning on you can also set the Speaking Rate.