Before it can be used the iPad needs to be activated. This can be done at home either by a wired connection to a computer with iTunes or through your home wireless network. If your school owns multiple iPads it is probably simpler to activated and synch through iTunes on a computer. However, the iPad 2 does not require synching with a computer and can operate as a standalone device through a wireless connection loading all apps and updates that way.

At school you will probably need to do this through a computer running iTunes as your school's proxy settings will most likely stall the wireless activation process at Step 10. If using iTunes you will also be prompted to register the iPad, which is a good idea to do.

To activate the iPad :
  1. Turn on the iPad by pressing, and holding for a few seconds, the rectangular button on the top edge.
  2. If connecting through a computer, plug in the iPad and wait for it to appear in the sidebar on the left of the iTunes window. Ignore what is on the screen and go back to the iPad.
  3. Slide the arrowed button in the indicated direction to unlock the screen
  4. Check the battery indicator in the top right corner, 70-90% is average for a newly opened iPad. The iPad’s battery will power the device for around 10 hours of use and takes around 3 hours for a full recharge. If your iPad has plenty of charge then continue otherwise plug it in to charge and continue.
  5. Select a language
  6. Press the blue boxed arrow at the top right of the screen to continue
  7. Select your Country (the arrow has now changed to NEXT)
  8. Enable Location Services – press NEXT
  9. Select your wireless network, enter your Network password and press JOIN and then NEXT
  10. Select Set Up as a New iPad - NEXT
  11. On the Apple ID page, for now, select Skip This Step at the bottom of the page. When prompted press Skip – you can change this later.
  12. Press Agree to the Terms and Conditions, read them if you want but you can’t go any further unless you agree with them. When Prompted again press Agree
  13. Select Either Send or Don’t Send, whatever you prefer.
  14. Press Start Using iPad and you are finished

There is no need to turn your iPad off fully when not in use, allowing it to go into sleep mode sufficiently reduces its power usage.
To connect to the internet through your school wireless network ask your school technician to input the required proxy settings. After that the iPad will automatically detect which network it is on and work at home or at school accordingly.

Apps can be purchased from the iTunes store. To load apps you need an iTunes store account. If your school already has an account then you can purchase apps through that but do so wirelessly. Otherwise set up a new account – you will need an iTunes card (recommended) or a credit card (not recommended at school) to do so.