The following apps have been selected as the most creative and productive apps in their various classifications.


FlipBoom Lite - Free

A high quality and intuitive app for animating line drawings. Basic tools in the free version are more than enough to get started.


Audio Recording

Dragon Dictation - Free

Speech to text audio recording allows students to collect thoughts and ideas which, after editing, can then be emailed or pasted into other programs.

Comic-Life.jpgComic Strip Creation

Comic Life - $5.49

Not as feature rich as the computer version but still a highly creative and versatile, large scope for building stories and narratives with a visual focus.


Digital Storytelling

PuppetPals Director's Pass - $2.99

Give a speech as an historical figure, produce a video travel log, explain a mathematical concept, recreate a dramatical play, etc, etc, etc.

Sketchpad.jpgDrawing and Art

SketchBook Express - Free

A lot of apps in this category but this is intuitive with the basic features for drawing, annotating over photos or to create line or instructional drawings.

ibooks.jpgeBook Reader

iBooks - Free

Reads ePub and pdf formatted files that can be purchased from the iBook store, created by students or transferred via iTunes.

Google-earth.jpgGlobal Imaging

Google Earth - Free

Excellent satellite imagery brings the Earth to life as the user navigates with the swipe of a finger. Access millions of geo-located photos.

iBrainstorm.jpgIdea Collation

iBrainstorm - Free

Record ideas on sticky notes which can be moved and reorganised around a virtual noticeboard. A good collaborative tool.

OPlayer.jpgMedia Player

OPlayer - $5.49

The standard iPad movie app needs supplementing to access a wider variety of media types. This will play virtually anything as well as stream video.

garageband.jpgMusic and Podcasting

GarageBand - $5.49

Highly regarded app can create up to 8 track music and audio recordings with a high featured mobile recording studio.

soundnote.jpgNote Taking

SoundNote - $5.49

Matches an audio recording to your notes and can replay at any given point. Great for meetings, and taking lesson notes.


Photogene - $2.99

There are many apps worthy of this position. Photogene was selected for its ease of use, wide selection of editing tools and export options.


Keynote - $10.49

Fully featured presentation tool with simple but effective controls. Exports files compatible with PowerPoint format.


Book Creator - $5.49

Simple interface to create high quality ePub format books right on the iPad. Great for building class anthologies or any literacy project.


Dropbox - Free

A web based service that allows easy sharing of a wide range of files between multiple mobile and desktop devices.

hootsuite.jpgSocial Networking

HootSuite - Free

Twitter access tool that sets up multiple tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags and lists. Translates to/from 50 languages.

istop-motion.jpgStop Motion Animation

iStop Motion - $5.49

Amazingly simple tool to create stop motion animations (including claymation) or time lapse recordings. Has a free remote camera app.


iTranslate - Free

Translates written words, phrases and sentences to and from over 50 languages and spoken phrases to and from 16 languages.

skype.jpgVideo Conferencing

Skype - Free

Video call or instant message other Skype users anywhere in the world. Talk face to face with front or back facing camera.

imovie.jpgVideo Editing

iMovie - $5.49

Not as fully featured as the computer version but has all the editing functionality needed to create a HD quality movie.

safari.jpgWeb Browsing

Safari - included

Now that it has tabbing, the Safari app that is installed as standard on the iPad is as good as any of the other options in the app store.

pages.jpgWord Processing

Pages - $10.49

Seemingly expensive for a word processing app but it is the most feature rich. Works very well across all IOS devices and will export to Word format.