Frog Dissection - $3.99 (I-M)

This realistic simulation is as close as you can get to dissecting a frog without really dissecting a frog and a lot more eco friendly. The user is directed step by step through the various stages of a real dissection and is required to virtually complete each stage of the procedure. Once the dissection is complete there are descriptions and 3D images of the organs. In addition there is information on other types of frogs, their life cycle, frog human comparisons and an interactive quiz.

Nova Elements - Free (I-M)

This App comes from the PBS show NOVA and is a wonderfully interactive way to present information based on the Periodic Table of Elements. There are three sections: 1- the table itself which is a colourful quick reference guide, tap on an element for information in a pop up window. 2- an Essential Elements activity requires the user has to create a selected molecule using protons, neutrons and electrons. 3- video links. A great program for high school students.

Worth Consideration


3D Brain - Free (I)

Remember cutting up a sheep's brain in Science class? Obviously human brains were hard to come by. This app enables students to rotate and see information on 29 regions of the human brain. Each section includes information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research. The language is quite technical but very useable for the classroom and student research.

Vernier Physics - $2.99 (M)

This is a specific purpose video analysis app. Take video with the iPad of an object in motion, then plot the points along the path of the object. This is then converted into graphical information on the objects speed and distance travelled. Click here for a detailed YouTube review.

Prices are in $AUS and were correct at time of publication but are subject to change.