Talking to an audience of peers or a larger whole school group can be a daunting experince. It is important for students to develop their presentation skills to assist them to avoid being anxious about speaking in public. Providing opportunities for your students to present to the class group helps to build their communication skills and confidence as they learn what is necessary to capture an audience’s attention. A part of this process is the creation of appropriate visual aids to assist in their presentation.
Recording visual and audio material in a screencast is an effective tool for teachers to create tutorial material for student viewing. An even more powerful application is to have students display their mastery of a concept by explaining it to their peers with screencasting. Now all our students can teach and learn from each other, with just a little assistance from the teacher.
Presentation aids
Haiku Deck - Free ( M-C )
Best for : no frills slideshow presentations
Age range : 10 years upwards
Features : Once a very popular App, but its appeal fell dramatically when Keynote became free. It is still a useful App for older iPads not able to run the free version of Keynote. Functionality is quite limited, creating a presentation is basically a simple two step process within a selection of preset layouts. Firstly import an image which displays full screen with no options to resize. Then select a text layout and add text - limited to two lines, bullet pointing is possible. Limited but simple and creates a quick effective presentation. YouTube video
Keynote - Free ( M-C )
Best for : multi optioned slide show presentations
Age range : 10 yrs upwards
Features : If you want PowerPoint then this is the closest you will get. It has a large feature set for creating high quality presentations on the iPad that will import and export to Keynote and PowerPoint formats. Contains most of the features from computer presentation programs including animations, transitions, themes, charts, tables, autoplay, looping as well as a variety of text and graphic options. YouTube video
Photos - Installed
Best for : displaying images and photos
Age range : All ages
Features : The Photos App that come pre-installed on the iPad can be used to create a traditional presentation using a series of slides displayed in order. Photos has the ability to create custom photo albums which could include screen shots of internet images and material created in Apps, images exported from Apps, photos and videos which can be arranged in any desired order. These can then be swiped to display in full screen in order. No frills and very simple to do.
Prezi for iPad - Free ( I-M )
Best for : showing a Prezi and minor editing
Age range : 12 yrs upwards
Features : a limited version of the web and computer version with only basic editing and creating functionality. It is however a step forward as initially Prezi did not work on the iPad at all, then it was possible to view a Prezi using the Prezi Viewer App and now it is possible to create a simple Prezi and perform minor modifications, but it is still not possible to create one online though an iPad web browser. Hopefully this App will continue to develop to include additional functionality closer to the web version. YouTube video
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard - Free ( C )
Best for : easy video tutorials
Age range : 8 yrs upwards
Features : A very simple interface that is perfect when you just want a page to draw or annotate on. A greater use is that the screen and audio can be recorded as you annotate to build tutorials or for students to present or explain something. It is like a simplified version of Explain Everything. The downside is that recordings can only be saved to the Educreations server. However images can always be saved as a screen shot to the Photos Library. YouTube video
Explain Everything - $2.99 ( C )
Best for : more sophisticated video tutorials
Age range : 10 yrs upwards
Features : A versatile screencasting app that allows you to record narration while annotating over images to create explanations or instructional videos. Resultant files can be exported as a movie, images or a pdf. Backgrounds can be imported from images, pdfs, Keynote, Pages, Numbers and other file types. A great tool for students to show understanding through their explanation of a concept or to create instructional videos to share with other students.- YouTube video
ScreenChomp - Free ( C )
Best for : easy video tutorials
Age range : 8 yrs upwards
Features : Exactly the same functionality as Educreations but with a more polished interface. It also has a immediate playback option as soon as you finish recording. Since both are free it is worth previewing both to decide which one suits your way of working. YouTube Video

App Categories
I - very directed or purely for information
I-M - mostly instructive but allows for some response to user input
M - fairly even mix of instruction and creativity, produces a predetermined outcome
M-C - mostly creative but within a framework, allows for varied output
C - very open ended allowing full user control of the content created, usually starts with a black page

Prices are in $AUS and were correct at time of publication but are subject to change.