GarageBand - $5.49 (C)

The most amazing thing about this app is how the totally unmusical can still create something that sounds at least reasonable. For the even slightly musically inclined there are a wide range of functions that will produce high quality musical pieces. Play dozens of musical instruments, conduct a string orchestra, jam with up to three others over wifi or bluetooth, arrange songs with up to 8 tracks including vocals or plug in your own guitar to the virtual amp. this app is as versatile as you are musically creative.

Worth Consideration


Jamboxx - Free (I-M)

Go back to the days of cassette tapes and create playlists for an 80's look boombox. Because it interacts with your music library the content can be self recorded music, foreign language phrases, readings or any other recorded audio.Playlists can also be easily created in iTunes but this app adds an interesting interface and it is free.

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