The quality of the link is more important than just having a large quantity of links.

App Sites

APPitic - a directory of apps for education selected by Apple Distinguished Educators
Apps in Education - apps are categorised with descriptions
Education Apps Review- IEAR - a community reviewing the educational value of "educational" apps
Learning Continuity - useful iPad applications for use in educational contexts.
Moms with Apps - an interesting site created by "family friendly" developers
Teach With Your iPad - lots of well categorised App listings

Educational Use

21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success - guidelines for leadership teams
Apptivities - class projects and the apps used to support them
iPads and Mobile Media in Education - very informative site for all things iPad
iPads in Education - new and innovative ways iPads could be used in schools and college
iPads for Learning - information about the iPad trial in Victorian schools
iPads Make Better Readers, Writers - research paper from Ohio
Teachers discuss iPads - Wiki from Hunter region in NSW, interesting discussions

iPads in Schools

ACU, Texas - University showing positive results from iPad use
Kolbe Catholic College, WA - the story of their iPad journey
Pulteney Grammar, SA - Channel 9 news report
Ringwood Secondary College, Vic - iPad information on school website

Other Links

Hidden features - seven extra things the iPad connection kit can do
iPad Academy - a blog exploring the learning capabilities of the iPad
iPad User Guide - Apple's manual for the iPad
iPod & iPad User Group - less about Apps and more about everything else
Learning in Hand - Tony Vincent is a guru of mobile technology in the classroom
Slide2Learn - a Ning maintained by Australian educators for mobile learning

YouTube clips

Chicago Public Schools trial - video report on iPads use in three schools
iPad in Literacy - iPads in the classroom for young students
iPads in the Classroom - teachers talk about iPad use in their classrooms
The 3R's - Young students using iPads in reading