Everyone likes something for free but the quality is quite variable with many free Apps a waste of the time taken to download them. Finding free apps that are worth using is quite a search. The Apps here are all good quality and have educational value. More detailed descriptions of these apps can be found on the other App pages.

F - full functionality with no strings attached
A - full functionality but with ads
P - functional but requires an in app purchase to provide additional functionality
D - a demo or lite version of a paid app

Instructive - user follows the direction of the app to achieve a predetermined result
3Dbrain.jpg3D Brain (F)
Rotate and see information on 29 regions of the human brain. Includes lots of information on each section.

bee-bot.jpgBee-Bot (F)
Based on the Bee-Bot robot. Develops directional language and programming in young children.

Chicktionary.jpgChicktionary (P)
A spelling and vocab game that is just a little bit quirky with its chicken theme and sound effects.
math-zombie.jpgMath Zombie (A)
Develops numerical fluency through flexible game play.

sock-puppets.jpgSock Puppets (P)
Set the characters and scenes then record, the app lip synchs the audio to the puppets' mouth movements.

Talking-Tom.jpgTalking Tom Cat (A)
Tom will repeat anything you say in an entertaining high pitched voice. Able to record in movie format.
trainyard.jpgTrainyard Express (D)
60 train themed challenging problem solving puzzles that require divergent thinking skills.

Hangman.jpgUltimate Hangman (P)
Good for spelling and vocabulary. A classic game with very clever animations.

zentomino.jpgZentomino HD (D)
Piece together a series differently shaped blocks to fill a blank shape - over 100 puzzles in the free version.


Constructive - open ended app that responds to user creativity, often starts with a blank page
animation-desk.jpgAnimation Desk (D)
a really useful app to teach line drawing animation with some advanced features.

Educreation (F)
A simple drawing and writing tool that can be used for tutorial recording.

flipboom.jpgFlipBoom Lite (F)
A great starter app to learn the basics of animation using line drawings. Well designed with good features.
iBrainstorm.jpgiBrainstorm (A)
Record ideas on sticky notes which can be moved and reorganised around a virtual noticeboard.

iMotion HD (P)
Time Lapse and stop motion animations can be replayed at any intervals from 1 fps to 30 fps.

On Air (F)
A no frills teleprompter that does exactly with adjustable font colour, size, background colour and scroll speed.
Pixlrmatic.jpgPixlr-o-matic (F)
About 50 preset special effects that can be applied to an image with a variety of export options and sizings.

Sketchpad.jpgSketchbook Express (D)
This is a lite version but has a lot of functionality, which is enough for anyone wanting a basic drawing tool.
toontastic.jpgToontastic (P)
Great for creating an animated story with characters - once you get past the annoying bits.




Reference - for gaining information
dictionary.jpgDictionary (A)
A well featured dictionary and thesaurus. Ads are annoying but only appear after a few minutes use.

Epic_citadel.jpgEpic Citadel (F)
Walk through the bazaar, cathedral, castle and various street scenes in a medieval game world.

Google-earth.jpgGoogle Earth (F)
Mapping and global studies that bring the world to life using satellite images and geo-located photographs.
math-terms.jpgMath Terms (F)
A maths glossary that is very simple to use and gives the results you want.

Nova.jpgNova Elements (F)
Informative and interesting way for high school students to interact with the Periodic Table of Elements.

wikipanion.jpgWikipanion (P)
Excellent way to gain direct access to Wikipedia articles. Information displays in a well linked easy to read format.



Functional - adds to the operating ability of the iPad
PS_Express.pngAdobe Photoshop Express (F)
Basic image editing for iPad1. In App purchases not necessary.

dragon-dictation.jpgDragon Dictation (F)
Audio to text conversion. Speak clearly and the resulting text is pretty accurate. Can edit text.

dropbox.jpgDropbox (F)
A web based service that allows easy sharing of files between multiple devices.
ibooks.jpgiBooks (F)
An eBook reader for ePub and pdf files. Download classic literature for free from the Book Store.

iTranslate.jpgiTranslate (A)
Translates to and from over 50 languages and spoken phrases to and from 16 languages.

jamboxx.jpgJamboxx (F)
Create playlists for an 80's look boombox from material in your music library.
jumbo-calculator.jpgJumbo Calculator (F)
A basic large button calculator that works really well.

kindle.jpgKindle (F)
Download books, newspapers and magazines from the Amazon Book Store.

lab-timer.jpgLab Timer (F)
A multi timer that will count up or down on up to 16 separate timers. Will run in the background.
MyScript-calculator.jpgMyScript Calculator (F)
A calculator where you write the question rather than push number buttons.

skype.jpgSkype (F)
Video call or IM other Skype users anywhere in the world. Talk face to face with front or back facing camera.