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Bee-Bot - Free

Based on the engaging programmable floor robot that develops directional language and programming in young children. The app is not as open ended as the real Bee-Bot as there are only 12 levels to try with little flexibility for alternative solutions. Still, the large intuitive controls and bright. colourful images will make the digital Bee-Bot very attractive to young learners with enough educational value to make this an excellent app. Hopefully the developers will release add on packs with more levels and more backgrounds - these would be well worth paying for.

rED Writing - Learn to Write - $1.99

Provides writing practice for upper and lower case letters and numbers 0 - 9. It is designed for the iPhone/iPod but scales up nicely on the iPad - it would be good to have an iPad version. The app has an attractive interface with plenty of music and sound effects that don't overshadow the educational value. After signing in and selecting your state (contains approved fonts for each Australian state) there are 6 activities to complete to earn stickers. Wil have great appeal to young learners.

Worth Considering

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