eBook creation Apps empower the constructive learning capacity of the user and have the most educational value as they are flexible enough to be used in any curriculum area. They typically start with a blank page so that everything that appears is the result of user input, deeper learning occurs at this level of interaction. Of the eBook creation Apps listed here, The Big Cat series is more suited to younger learners, Scribble Press is suitable right up to Years 5 - 6. Book Creator could be used at any grade level and is the simplest to use. Creative Book Builder is only a little more complicated to use but it has a greater feature set making it suitable for around Year 4 onwards.

eBook creators
Book Creator - $5.49 ( C )
Best for : creating no fuss eBooks
Age range : All ages
Features: Creates a book which can be saved directly into iBooks. The text and image options are basic but are really all that is needed. Text can be overlaid anywhere on the page. Images can be resized and rotated rotated. Import video and music and record speech directly into the App. The title page you create becomes the thumbnail in the iBooks shelf. Book files are retained in the App after export so they can be edited or added to. The really great thing about this App is its ease of use to get a great result. More information and a good promotional video can be found on the Developer's website
Collins Big Cat series - Free ( I-M )
Best for : creating in app alternate stories
Age Range : 5 - 10 years
Features : Big Cat was a reading scheme used in the UK published by Harper Collins for beginning readers. This series of Apps is based on those books. They are animated and interactive with an audio narration, music and sound effects. Children can choose to have the book read to them, to read the book by themselves or to use the story creator which lets children make their own book using pictures, characters and vocabulary from the story. There are currently 8 eBooks in this series and they are all free. Promo video on Youtube
Creative Book Builder - $4.49 ( C )
Best for : creating multi-featured eBooks
Age range : !0 years and up
Features : This App has undergone a lot of development since it was first introduced and has turned into a well featured eBook creator which saves directly into iBooks. It supports the inclusion of text, image video, audio, music, web linking and a variety of layout features.. It can import from Google Drive and Dropbox, embed pdf files and generate and add QR code images. eBooks can be exported to ePub or PDF format and will export to Dropbox, Google Drive, iBooks or iTunes. Tips and more information can be found on the Developer's Blog.
Scribble Press - $4.49 ( M-C )
Best for : creating in App stories around a set theme
Age range : 5 - 10 years
Features : A great storybook creation app, start from scratch or use one of 50 story templates. Add missing words into the narrative which is then presented as a book for you to either draw using a large selection of drawing tools, stamps and stickers or import an image. At this stage the text on every page can also be edited or added to, to further customise the story. Books can be shared privately or placed in a public gallery. YouTube video
Storybird - Free - http://storybird.com
Completely rewritten to remove all the Flash elements this wonderful online story writer now works very well on the iPad. Follow this link for information for teachers. You need to create a free account and then you can enter a class list and generate accounts for your students. To create a story, students select a set of images, decide which to use and in what order, add their written story and then save and share their work online. You cab use the embed code to place stories in a class wiki or other shared space. This tutorial on YouTube is based on the old version but it will give you the idea of how it works.